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Japanese Characters


Welcome to Kato Connections!


Organisation and communication are my forte and the key to success. 

With extensive business and cultural know-how of Japan, linguistic precision and cultural sensibility I can vouch for perfect communication in English, German or Japanese and help you to achieve your goals in your business ventures. 


I also specialise in concert management, where I have created a small but valid niche for concert tours in Japan and Korea. It is a great joy to bring our wonderful artists from Austria to Japan and vice versa, thus contributing to cultural exchange. Surely music is one of the best channels to bring people and cultures together!

A highlight will be the fusion concert on Dec 10, 2023 at the Musikverein in Vienna, VOICES FROM JAPAN AND VIENNA, with a buddhistic choir from Japan and some of our best artists in Vienna. Check it out!



I am looking forward to cooperate with you!


Japan Austria Consulting

Concert Management 

Planning and organization of concerts / tours in direct cooperation with artists and cultural institutions in the field of classical music. The focus is on Japan, Korea and Switzerland.

Interpretation and Translation

My services

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, translation and proof reading in Japanese, English and German.

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