I was born in Basel, Switzerland, but have lived most of my life in Japan, California

Scotland and recently in Vienna, Austria.


In Tokyo I worked for Japan Arts Corporation, a major classic music management

company, organizing orchestra tours throughout Asia.

(Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra and English

Chamber Orchestra, to name just a few).


In Los Angeles I was specializing on interpreting and translating  between

Japanese, English and German.


Here in Vienna I have worked for Vienna's English Theatre as PR manager and

event organizer. I am also on the board of the Austro-British Chamber.


My experience covers both music and theatre management, quite apart from my

language skills in German, Japanese, English and French.


But more than that, I have acquired a deep knowledge of Japanese culture and business

practices, and I know how to successfully bridge between Japan and their Western partners. 


To be active and productive in the intercultural - or business exchange, is my passion and commitment.

Japan Austria Consulting