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I was born in Basel, Switzerland, but have lived most of my life in Japan, California

Scotland and recently in Vienna, Austria.


In Tokyo I worked for Japan Arts Corporation, a major classic music management

company, organising orchestra tours throughout Asia. (Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra,

Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra and English, Chamber Orchestra, to name just a few).

But more than that, I have acquired a deep knowledge of Japanese culture and business

practices, and I know how to successfully bridge between Japan and their Western


In Los Angeles I was specialising on interpreting and translating  between

Japanese, English and German.


Here in Vienna I have worked for Vienna's English Theatre as PR manager, 

event organiser, as well as interpreter and translator.

On top of that, I organise Japan and Korea concert tours for European musicians,

and since 2021 launched my own concert cycle at the Stadtcasino Basel. 

To be active and productive in all my undertakings are my passion and commitment.

Japan Austria Consulting
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